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In Practical Usage, Travel Content Owners/Consolidators, offers Travel Inventory over an interface (Can be An API, XML Interface over JSON etc) which can be utilized by the travel Business using the application (Internet booking engine/reservation system) to full fill product selling and instant confirmation at both ends.

And this is what we specialize in doing, integrating the content (irrespective of the content type i.e. Flights, Hotels, Card etc), available from any third party source (irrespective of the format of availability) seamlessly to the application (Irrespective of the language or Technology used) e.g. if you own a booking engine and are willing to integrate a third party content over ether of the below interfaces, we can do it for you, as an extended arm of your team.

Let us solve the puzzle here technically.

What is Web Services (XML/JSON) or API ?

API stands for application programming interface, specifies a set of functions or routines that accomplish a specific task or are allowed to interact with a specific software component to execute a task.

Benefits of Web Services / XML / API Integration and Usage in Travel Trade

As above, if the Travel content is exposed via XML Web Services / API and when industry standards are predefined, the development is quick, easy to maintain and the responsibility of fulfilment resides with the inventory provider. i.e. for Travel Business who wish to sell the travel content online or OTA’s it is very important that all the bookings etc are done online mode and instant confirmation and acknowledgement is done for which it is important to have live interaction with the inventory owner in real time (for flights, hotels bus etc) where the inventory is limited.

One of the biggest advatge visible in the travel trade is that with the help of such integrations, an OTA can sell any content sourced from any partner without revealing the actual content sellers identity, which increase the opportunity to retain customers, increase revenues and margins.

API/XML integrations empower the travel business to get into real time selling of the content/travel inventory which is a necessity for the sellers

Most of the Consolidators and Travel Content Providers expose the content over API or Web Services XML/JSON feed which can be utilized by the Online Travel Business to integrate on to their booking engine to sell the relevant travel products to their clients.

ecare Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. Expertise and Offering:

Under the bouquet of API/Web Services Integration Services, ecare Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. offers customers ability to integrate XML Integration API Integration for their portal from different sources i.e. travel content providers as per their choice of Business Partners including but not limited to the Airlines, GDS systems, Consolidator systems.

By adding more suppliers to your IBE, you will be able to offer more diverse and unique travel content. Whether it’s a car rental provider, hotel wholesaler, flight consolidator or any other travel service provider, adding more unique suppliers will benefit you greatly. Having integrated more than a few dozen supplier over API/ Webservices, ecare has matured experience while working with multiple API/XML feed providers and offer value addition by reducing the time to market significantly.

ecare Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. provides Third Party XML integration systems for all and any kind of requirements of an online e-commerce portal. At ecare Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd., we have relevant skills and experience in API and XML Web Services integration to deliver an integrated, end-to-end online travel solution that empowers travel business to offer a consolidated inventory while reducing costs.

A prevailing myth is that if the Programmer do not have understanding or knowledge of the language used by feed provide, the Integration may not be correct but with our vast experience integrating dozens of various travel suppliers, we confidently assure customers that our programmers can manage any kind of supplier independent of the integration methods or supplier support or programming languages used.

One of the interesting facts about such a system being used by

Where we can help you

ecare Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. XML integration services are used by Travel Business which has their own hotel booking engine, flight booking engine, transfer booking engine, car booking, excursion booking engine etc. And on basis of the business requirements, we provide XML integration with various consolidators across the globe for all variety of services.

If you have online portal or web application that requires bookings and reservation on flights or hotels or any other travel services which requires XML Integration to take the content/inventory from third parties, ecare Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. can prove to be a valuable partner in trade.

Not only the customers end, we also support and promote content providers and travel inventory owner/suppliers who wish share their content/inventory with our client base and also offer them special terms and accelerated integration processes.

In a nut shell, ecare Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. development team is expert in implementing third party api integration, web services integration and xml integration for global travel companies. In travel domain, we provide end to end API integration solutions and build the B2C / B2B travel booking systems through the XML connectivity

ecare Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. provides following XML integration services, for Travel and TOURISM Industry

  • Cruise API Integration
  • Car Hire Booking API Integration
  • Bus Booking API Integration
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Google API Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Insurance Gateway Integration
  • Social Networking API Integration
  • Hotel API Integration
  • GDS Integration – Flights and Hotels
  • Flight XML Integration/ API Integration
  • Hotel XML Integration/ API Integration
  • Transfer XML Integration/ API Integration
  • Sightseeing XML Integration/ API Integration
  • Car XML Integration/ API Integration
  • Destination or Packages API Integration
  • Third Party Flight APIs Integration

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XML Integration

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